Terafyle iOS FAQ

Why do I need to download Terafyle MacOSX or Windows client on my computer?

Terafyle uses a lightweight MacOSX (10.10+) or Windows application to securely communicate.

What files can I get access to through Terafyle?

You can access all files and folders from your Windows systems.

What kind of iPhone and which version of iOS do I need?

The app will run on all iPhones running iOS 7.0 and higher.

What about the iPod Touch?

Yes, as long it is running iOS 7.0 or higher.

Can I have one mobile device access multiple computers?

Yes. Within the Settings Page, simply pick the computer you want to browser.

How secure is the connection between Terafyle and the iPhone?

All communication with the Terafyle datacenter, occurs over an HTTPs (SSL encrypted) connection.

Which Cloud Services work with Terafyle?

Terafyle supports Dropbox, One Drive, Box, Google Drive, iCloud Drive, ShareFile, Egnyte, Hightail, Syncplicity, Copy, MediaFire, and SugarSync.

Will Terafyle be available on Android?

Yes! An Android client is underway, stay tuned!